Updating your Address for Busing

Updating your Address for Busing
Posted on 07/02/2019

Hello Parents!

While we know it may be too early for you to start thinking about the next school year, our transportation department is already busy creating bus routes and selecting bus stops for the start of school in August.

If you have moved, please make sure to notify your child’s school of your new address by July 17th, so that your student is assigned to the correct bus.

If you move after July 17th, you must still update your address with the school, but your student will not be assigned to a bus as routes are frozen, so our drivers can bid on them and learn them.

If your child is not assigned to a bus, one of two things will happen:

1. If there is an established stop near your new home, and it is the stop where your child will be permanently assigned, the school will provide a bus pass during the first week of school.

2. If there is not an established stop near your new home, you will be assigned one after August 29th.

Due to student transfers, new student enrollment and to determine actual ridership, the District does not make changes to routes during the first three weeks of school.

We understand this may create hardships for some at the beginning of the school year, but this process eliminates multiple bus stop changes that could be even more frustrating and confusing.

We will release stop information two weeks prior to school starting and you can check the information on our website: <>

We appreciate your patience so that we may have the smoothest bus transportation program possible.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Lehigh Elementary.